Easy Video Maker

Easy-to-use and all-in-one video editor for beginning filmmakers


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  • Program license Free
  • Version 11.07
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  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by RealZeal Soft

Believe it or not, Easy Video Maker might actually be one of the trickier programs to understand with regard to making videos. This is not a software that is intuitive and user friendly like the name suggests. The first question that pops up is how do you make a video? At first glance, Easy Video Maker has a cluttered and disorganized interface. You have endless buttons and options that do not fit the category of obvious. While Easy Video Maker does have a tutorial, you do not learn much outside the obvious.

Add What You Need

With the system, you can add sound, photos, video, record your screen and lyrics for videos. That, however, will not make your videos, and you have to drag your options down to the timeline for the video fields and background. This is something that the tutorial fails to tell you. What is the difference between the video field and the background field? That distinction may not be obvious, and it remains a mystery as does adding sound to the video.

Back to the 90s

Aside from having a confusing interface that is not navigable, the options available to you can feel somewhat confusing. The features are not so hot, and the developers were not clear about what every option does. For example, what the "Special effect of line" feature mean or do can be tricky to understand. In fact, it can feel downright mind-boggling. When you render the video, the process can take a long time. Perhaps a decade ago, Easy Video Maker might have been a fine example of making simple videos, but these programs have started to advance more for both mobile devices and Windows. In today's world, it seems more outdated than anything else.

A Misleading Name

If you are a beginning video maker and you download Easy Video Maker, you might feel disheartened at the level of challenge because the process can feel so complicated. You do not have to worry, however. You have other programs that will simplify video making while still giving you more advanced features.

Create High Quality 2D and 3D Movies

With this system, you have various formats that you can make with video clips, audios, pictures and movies. With the powerful video editing tool, you can split, cut and merge your files. You can also trim, mix, merge, resize and crop your images. With this system, you can take video snapshots and change the video shape as needed. With the audio editor, you can edit all formats of audios, and you can split, cut, join, mix and merge as needed. Despite this, there are better overall video editors out there that will do a much better job.


  • Great video editing once you figure it out
  • Audio editor lets you edit every format of audio


  • Hard to navigate the interface
  • The tutorial does not live up to its standards
  • Not an intuitive software and the name is misleading
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